Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give discounts on any type of booking?

We do allow discounts for various categories of travelers sometimes

What time should i arrive before the bus departs?

In order to allow The staff sufficient time to book you in, load your luggage and allocate seats to stand-by passengers, we kindly request that you arrive at your point of departure no later than 60 minutes before the scheduled departure for Namibia passengers as for Zambian passengers you are adivced to bring your luggage a day before scheduled departure date.

How will i know which bus to board?

Your coach number will be written onto your ticket when you are checked in.

Do you provide pillows and blankets?

We do not provide blankets or pillows, but we do recommend that you bring a travel pillow and small blanket along.

How regular does the bus stop?

he coach has scheduled stops along the route and this will be announced by the on-board crew before a scheduled stop.

What happens if the coach id delayed?

We do not guarantee departure and arrival times, but we do endeavor to be as punctual as possible under circumstances within our control.

Do you provide food and drinks on board?

No, but we do make refreshment stops along the way so that you may purchase food.