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Passenger Transportation

With a record of uncompromising excellence, The seamlessly covers a vast network of major towns throughout Zambia and Namibia. From the moment you book your ticket, until the moment we hand you your luggage at your destination, we make sure your journey is a smooth, comfortable and safe experience. The millions of passengers we carry safely and punctually every year in this vast subcontinent are testimony to the superior service we deliver day and night..

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Luggage Transportation

Are you travell with your Luggages?, Well we have got you covered. The oasis has Trucks dedicated to transporting your so that they not left behind!. Do you need to transport an important document, parcel or package? Demonstrating our commitment to providing customers with the best coach service available, The Oasis now offers a luggage delivery service between any of our branch offices nationwide. As The Oasis.comroutes include all major towns in Namibia and Zambia, we can ensure that whatever you send with us will reach its destination safely and will be available for collection within 48 hours.Please take note that weight as well as dimensions are taken into account when a quote is worked out.We do not carry unaccompanied parcels across the border

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